Learn to code in the sandbox world of Ylands EDU

Beta testing program is now open for all educational organizations.

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Who can use Ylands EDU?

For Students (age 8 -18)

Program and design your own interactive games, animations or stories in a full-blown open digital world with endless possibilities, where you can have it your way.

Learn and practice block-based visual programming, with which you can create your own rules and logic.

Share your creations with your friends and family and even play them together!

For Educators

With coding game for kids Ylands EDU, you will be able to bring endless possibilities of the digital sandbox world to your class. 

Instant compilation of students' creation ready for play, will make the feedback, sharing, and own progress a routine component of learning.

Whether at school, club, community center or library, we all want to help young people to think creatively and practice programming and design thinking skills.

Ylands EDU in a nutshell

Educational game for kids

Ylands EDU  is an educational successor of the full-blown digital sandbox world of Ylands  created by Bohemia Interactive and with players all around the world.

Visual scripts editor

A powerful Editor allows you to design your own playable games, program characters, game logic, and much more with a block-based visual programming.

Creative and collaborative platform

Thanks to Workshop everybody is able to share their latest creation with the world or classmates and get the much needed feedback.